Meet the Viking Team

Vikings Work Hard and Serve Others

Jeff Burns

Jeff Burns is the founding partner of Viking Specialty Contracting. Jeff has spent most of his career serving others in the field of environmental remediation and asbestos abatement throughout the greater Southwest. Well known for his generosity, he frequently invests his time inspiring others to serve through the education of identifying and remediating environmental hazards safely. As President, Jeff contributes to Viking as the Chief Belief Officer, senior mentor, and client educator.

David Jensen
Senior Estimator

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David Jensen began his first company at the age of 16 and learned early on the value of estimating a project where both parties win. The foundation of David’s education began in construction estimating and then grew to include the identification and remediation of hazardous materials as an Industrial Hygienist for the Arizona Department of Transportation. David’s entrepreneurial spirit attracted him to Viking Specialty Contracting when he came to experience how Viking’s leadership team valued people and ideas, rather than being insecure about the unknown. David is now the Senior Estimator who contributes to Viking through the continual invention of better ways to provide value to our customers.

Brian Haggard
Project Manager

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Brian Haggard grew up as the son of a demolition foreman and has invested more than 20 years honing the skills required to manage projects at Viking’s market level. After leaving his career in the Army, Brian has been instrumental in the execution and project management of some of Arizona’s most recognizable demolition projects. Translating his talents into the field of environmental and asbestos work, he is now investing his time into our production team developing their skillsets as premier service providers. As a person who embodies strong principles and a spirit of fairness, Brian excels in the area of mentoring our workforce as they grow personally and professionally.

Edwin Candido

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Edwin Candido is a premier service provider and field mentor. Edwin has invested many years into the education and execution of identifying and remediating hazardous materials. From building solid containments to instruction and oversight of impeccably clean jobsites, Edwin has earned his stripes as a trusted Supervisor and mentor to workers entering the field of environmental remediation. Edwin’s calm and professional demeanor as well as his high personal standards have helped Viking continue to keep the promises we make in our contracts.

Robert Hernandez

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Robert Hernandez contributes to Viking through his wealth of knowledge in asbestos remediation processes and procedures. In only his 3rd position in his long career, Robert exudes loyalty and care for others. His down-line employees and clients are consistently served by his concern for safety and liability management while in the execution of his tasks. Besides his years of experience, Robert has developed the skills to help others learn and grow as they work. His calm and professional management style has made him very successful in serving our major market clients.

Bryant Pinto

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Bryant Pinto is all about humble service. Bryant’s desire to work hard and exceed client expectations has catapulted him to more and more opportunities to serve our growing customer base. He is well known for his quiet and unassuming demeanor coupled with a work ethic that rivals many of today’s workers. As Supervisor, Bryant contributes to Viking by setting the tone and pace of the project as he skillfully goes about delivering safe production.

Bart McClane
Warehouse Manager

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Bart McClane has spent his entire career as a Warehouse Manager delivering stability as a cornerstone of the business’ he serves. Excellent at self-motivation, Bart keeps the behind the scenes materials and equipment in stock and in good order. His organizational skills and consistent work ethic help keep Viking prepared for the quick award and execution of project scopes.

Kayla Fritz
Office Manager

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With a degree from ASU in Business Communication, Kayla oversees many of the critical internal workflows designed to maintain regulatory compliance. Kayla’s extremely efficient work ethic and her ability to self-motivate have helped Viking successfully maintain regulatory compliance in a myriad of governmental and educational environments. Kayla continually adds value to the Viking team through her relentless commitment to follow through and task completion.

Director of Security

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In 2017, Sadie was rescued from a job walk where a tenant at the location no longer had the means to care for this 10 week old puppy. Now, Sadie has a loving home and is a huge part of the Viking family. With her tenacious attitude, she keeps everyone in the office alert and on their toes. Although she does spend a good portion of the day napping or sunbathing in the window, Sadie contributes to Viking by being a lovable friend, a protector of the office, and a world-famous crumb catcher. It’s been said that dogs in the workplace can reduce employee stress, boost office morale, and promote productivity and Sadie’s playful energy is proof of just that. Everyone who visits Viking is greeted by Sadie with a quick sniff check and, if you’re lucky, kisses.